School-Based Health Centers and Programs

What services are provided by School-Based Health Centers?

School-based health centers provide primary health care services such as treatment for acute conditions like sore throats and earaches, chronic disease management like asthma, and preventive services like immunizations, physical examinations and health education. The conditions most frequently treated are ear and upper respiratory infections and asthma. Centers are staffed by nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and/or physicians who work in partnership with school nurses, teachers, and other school staff members.

Service Locations, Funding, And Client Characteristics.

Most SBHCs are located in urban, middle schools. 45% are located in rural areas. It is estimated that more than 20,000 youth receive services from the SBHCs every year. Funding is provided by hospitals and hospital foundations, public entities (Primary Care Services-ADHS, County Health Departments, federal government), and from school districts and private foundations.

Over 82% of the children who use SBHC services are uninsured Arizona residents. Students receive services free or are charged on an ability to pay, sliding discount basis.

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