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What is School-Based Health?


School-based health is where health and education intersect.

School-based health represents a shared commitment between a community’s schools and sponsoring organizations to support the health, wellbeing, and academic success of its students.

Sponsoring organizations bring a variety of services and linkages into the school setting such as primary care, behavioral health counseling, reproductive health, nutrition, and health education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the health of children and families in school communities by promoting, supporting, and enriching sustainable health services linked to and based at schools.

How School-Based Health Makes a Difference

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We are committed to the health and academic success of Arizona’s young people. We envision an Arizona where all children and youth are healthy, learning, and thriving. We aim to protect and expand the value of school-based health centers and generate community commitment to local success.

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What our board members have to say

“School-based health care complements the work of school nurses and health aides by providing the next level of care that they typically must refer out for. SBHCs follow all the same rules for parent permission as a regular doctor’s office. They can save parents time and keep kids in school; That’s something I can appreciate this month and all year long!”

– Cassalyn David, Board President

“I’ve been in school-based health since 1997, and it’s definitely rewarding to be part of a board who are such dedicated (and kind and fun!) individuals to the cause of school health. Watching our board and organization slowly grow has also been rewarding.”

– Amy Negovan, Northern Region Rep